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Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls - #EVAWG


During the short period where the #metoo hashtag was trending, I wasn't surprised by the number of women that posted about their experiences. For whatever reason despite having had several experiences as a young woman that went way beyond what is acceptable normal human interaction, I felt uncomfortable sharing my stories. The truth is it doesn't really matter that much about me as an individual but it did make me ponder. Why did I feel so ill at ease? Maybe it is because as a society we seem to vacillate between telling people to "man up" if something offends them, and being so uber PC that any slightly bawdy joke made at the office is deemed a sackable offence. I just want us to find some middle ground, for us to be able to figure out what really matters as individuals and deal with that. We need a dialogue for that. Ranting at each other or failing to see that what offends you may not offend me means we miss what really is unacceptable behaviour. We are expending energy on something that doesn't matter when we should be shining a light on the really dark and destructive habits. Being offended doesn't change a thing. Taking action to share a message or raise awareness is a starting point.  

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