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5 ways to make sure you stay safe on your holiday.

5) Learn some self-defence. 

I have always said to people who ask me about self-defence that it's very much like insurance. You don't really know how good your cover is until you need to make a claim, or if you don't have any insurance you don't know how much you needed it until it's too late. As I said previously I think humans are amazing and I am blessed in my life that I am surrounded by so many wonderful people who enrich my life. I know that thinking people are inherently good is one of my bias's, yet I refuse to allow that to blind me to the small chance that someone out there could wish me harm and act upon it. This is why I train krav maga and teach it. In the classes we teach at Focus Krav Maga we learn techniques but we also explore the principles of krav maga and the psychological aspects of self-defence. Rory Miller always says that self-defence is an open system and thus we need to mindful of this. A fixed mindset is a liability. 

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