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Is it possible to bullyproof your children?

Our busyness is eroding our ability to communicate effectively with our children because we are focusing on just surviving the manic days of our lives. We get home, mildly euphoric at having got through the working day without telling anyone, least of all our boss, to do one. We pick the kids up from school triumphant because we made sure that all 14 of the different bags they had to take to school actually made it home with them again. We feel gleeful when we get home after navigating the traffic without road rage, accident or diversion to outer mongolia. Most of all we get home and just collapse into a grateful heap that the "working" day is over and can we have just 5 minutes on our own without someone hassling us before the unpaid work starts? I think we can all identify with this and will have faced it at one time or another. Yet if this is the norm it's sending our loved ones signals that they can't talk to us. 

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