Welcome to the first blog of Focus Krav Maga Dorset!

Welcome, this is the first blog post for FKMDorset and to be honest it feels as if it's been a long time coming! Though I've been teaching kids krav within my club and also schools in Dorset for over a year, last week on the 11th October at Poole High School we had our first adults class.

It's a ladies only class, largely because I believe everyone should be able to defend themselves. Young, old, male, female, fit or otherwise, we should all have an understanding of what to do when confronted with the potential for violence. Like swimming, it is a life skill.

I wanted to open up a ladies only class because I have met so many women that are put off training in krav maga after previous bad experiences. For whatever reason, they are not comfortable training with men. My personal bias is that I like to train with men, as statistically, I am far more likely to be victimised by a man. Even if he was the same height and weight as me he'd likely have 30% more muscle mass just through the accident of birth and genetics that made him male and me female. Despite my bias though, I recognise that not all women are like me, and by offering a ladies only class I am able to get women there that possibly wouldn't train at all otherwise. 

What I've also observed in the past, is that once women have been training a while their confidence increases, until some feel moving into mixed classes is a natural progression and something they no longer fear as much. 

The more often we confront our fears the easier it is to overcome them and so on and so on. I think it's also important to note that being fearless is not being without fear entirely. A classic example of this is sparring. Now I love sparring, there's nothing quite like it, it's invigorating and challenging and terrifying and just generally marvellous. (There are some that would argue that it isn't really krav maga, and it is a valid point however that is for another blog post!)

Sparring is incredibly bonding and the euphoria you experience afterwards is intoxicating. For me, it's a form of mindfulness because, let's face it, there's nothing that keeps you more in the moment than someone trying to punch you in the face! Yet every time I am at a training event where I know I have to spar I get scared. I feel anxious and either become garrulous or pensive depending upon how tired I am already. Yet I experience the fear and I put my gloves on regardless, and that is the whole point. I do it irrespective of the fear I feel, and I'm fairly sure that is why you come to hold your sparring partners in such high esteem. (**Sidebar - from an evolutionary perspective being without fear would not be very sensible. It would mean you're not going to run away from the sabre tooth tiger when you're out hunting or gathering, you become their meal and that means you don't get to pass on your genes, and that is an epic fail. So wanting to have no fear at all is pretty ludicrous when you think about it!**)

Anyway, I digress, this blog isn't about me. It's going to be about the incredible community that is Focus Krav Maga Dorset or FKMDorset. I hope it can give you a little insight into our values and the ethos of the club. We are inclusive, friendly and desire growth and challenge. It is a place to learn and to become fitter physically and psychologically. It's not a place for ego's, so despite our belief that krav maga is for everyone, not everyone is right for us. Coming along for trial sessions means we get a chance to figure that out, so if you're interested get in touch.

For our kids krav classes each month we have a theme. So far this year we have had things as diverse as fun, improvisation, determination, and fitness. For October it is the month of understanding which has meant some fascinating dialogue has occurred. It's a rare week where I don't learn something from the mini krav crew. 

Before I sign off I wanted to post a photo of some of our ladies at the first class last week. They have my utmost respect, just turning up to class takes some stones. It's much easier to sit on the sofa wishing yourself fitter, stronger and more confident. "Hoping" your way into shape isn't currently a legitimate programme, though I'll keep you updated with that along with the news about flying pigs and rainbows with pots of gold at the end......! 

Get in touch if you have any questions at all. 

Be happy, stay safe.



Tara Shaul