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We are Tracy and Darren of South Coast Self Defence, we are both fully qualified instructors and teach self defence against real life situations - Street Defence!! 

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What is Krav Maga?

We're often asked that question and in a nutshell it's a highly effective, highly efficient form of self-defence.  Originally taught to the military in the newly founded state of Israel, it has since been modified so it may be taught to law enforcement, civilians and children.  Krav Maga is based on the natural responses we have which is why it is simple to learn.  There are four pillars to the system: technical, tactical, physical, mental.  We need to work on all four to progress through our training, and classes reflect this. With the rise in interest in MMA and BJJ, Krav Maga is becoming more well known and is often described as a martial art.  Though there are similarities, in Krav Maga there are no competitions or sporting elements - thus it is a pure self-defence system.


What they say...

I have been training with SCSD for 2 months now and I can highly recommend them. I have already learnt some very valuable skills, my fitness has increased dramatically as has my self confidence. Everything taught is broken down so it is easy to remember and the techniques are simple to learn, it is also great fun
— Joe F
A great guy and a great trainer, I look forward to all of my lessons with him
— Chad L